An Interior Architect and Furniture Designer born in California, raised and currently based in Istanbul, Melisa Ekemen finds innovative, practical and stylish solutions for spaces. Her design-intensive Bachelor’s degree of Interior Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), preceded by her insatiable curiosity for how things function to improve space and quality of life, has led to 6 years of employment at various architectural firms prior to taking up her own practice. Inspired by the works of multidisciplinary architect/designers Kelly Hoppen and Jonathan Adler, Melisa’s works exude taste, quality and creativity. In her practice, she values face to face communication with her clients, opting to build a trusting and transparent relationship, which permits her to correctly identify the design/architectural needs of her clients and their residential and/or commercial spaces. While planning and designing forms and spaces, she pays extra attention to the possibility of organic multifunctionality and adaptability, as today’s spaces as well as personal and communal needs constantly evolve. Her work also bears in mind the potential for fluidity of movement, rather than restrictive conventional norms, and strives to create Feng Shui-friendly spaces where energy can naturally flow. Her commitment to creating function and value with her work, coupled with her problem-solver attitude, people-first communication skills and multidisciplinary, luxurious yet distinct style make her an ideal partner in designing and implementing renovation, restoration and adaptation work. She currently specializes in interior and exterior space solutions and site-specific furniture design, and may also be contacted for interior design consultancy.